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Brod Tecnologia is a Free and Open Source Software consulting and project management company. Located in Lajeado, Rio Grande do Sul, in the South of Brazil, the company was founded in 1999 and it has been involved in several projects that directly improved the adoption of free and open source software solutions. Here are a few projects Brod Tecnologia participates:

MapZoom - A tool to qualify information by geo-enabling it. Most information may be associated with a geographic reference, such as its street address, its latitude and longitude. MapZoom uses the popular Google Maps API to build thematic maps, along with the spatial enabled database PostgreSQL/PostGis to store and retrieve all sorts of visual information, using a web map as a canvas. The built-in intelligence and an easy to use interface allows MapZoom to be customized for most of the needs one may think of. In the test site, one can use MapZoom to find houses, apartments or land that will fit into some desired characteristics.

Wireless Networking in the Developing World - In the developing world, one book can often be equivalent to a library. Access to books is difficult where there are few libraries or book stores, and there is often little money to pay for them. The Portuguese translation of this book, produced by Cesar Brod and Joice Käfer, is released under a Creative Commons license, so anyone is free to download, print, update, or redistribute it. We hope to reach the widest possible audience, spreading the knowledge of low-cost wireless networking to those who need it most.

i-Scrum - Social network created by BrodTec in order to share and discuss information about Scrum and other agile processes (in Portuguese only).

Open Source and Interoperability Innovation Centers - sponsored by Microsoft in a partnership with Brazilian Universities, this project promotes discussions, software development and the production of information regarding the interoperability between the Open Source and the Proprietary Software world, allowing information technology users to take advantage of the best of both worlds.

Casa de Cinema de Porto Alegre is a fundamental reference in the today's Brazilian movie scenario. Founded in 1987, "Casa" produced aclaimed movies such as "O homem que copiava" (The man who copied), "Meu tio matou um cara" (My uncle has killed a man) and the newly released "3 Efes". Brod Tecnologia acted as project manager, prime contractor and main developer for the services related to the migration for the new, dynamic Casa de Cinema's internet portal. Dobro Comunicação provided the new layout, resembling a movie theater and using cinema related elements. Drupal and OsCommerce were used for the development and deployment. The new portal includes blogging, newsletter and other interactive tools. The portal administration is completely performed by Casa de Cinema's employees through a comprehensive, web based control panel.

Navegue Protegido - a portal created by the Ricky Martin Foundation with information about safety on the web, for parentes, teachers and youngsters. Brod Tecnologia developed information for Linux users under the sponsorship of Microsoft.

Solis - while providing consulting services for Univates, an University Center in the South of Brazil, Brod Tecnologia, along with Univates executives, conceived an idea of linking free and open source services with employment generation and regional development. Solis was founded in 2003 by a group of the University employees, students and teachers. Today, the co-operative has customers all over Brazil and employes more than 40 people.

Free Software in Latin America - an integral part of the book Free as in Education: Significance of FLOSS for the Developing Countries. Brod Tecnologia was hired by OneWorld.Net to produce a research and analysis of free and open source software usage in Latin America, and how it was linked to the countries development.

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Cesar Brod : president

Joice Käfer : associate manager

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