Love is my Country. I am proud of my Brazil!

I have never been so proud of my Country and its youth as I am now. I am a firm believer this very youth – that some people dare to call unprepared and alienated – will lead Brazil into a bright future. It is proved now that blocking the access to social networks within schools and universities is a dumb and noneffective action – this is an attitude equivalent of forbidding students to carry newspapers to discuss them in the classroom or to have soldiers guaranteeing that no group of more than two people would be talking on streets during the times of military dictatorship in Brazil.

I do believe the true "Brazilian awakening" is happening now, as some are already referring to this moment as a historical landmark. We have outgrown a time where we fought against a dictatorship not having access to what was going on inside the power and government mechanism into a new age, where the ones in the government – people I believed were in our side and voted for them – are only able to repeat the truculent acts of past military governments.

Brazil, as a whole, may be awakening. Its youth, however, was always curious, eyes wide open and intelligent. This youth was set on fire by the now possible ways of multidimensional, unbound communications allowing incredible new tastes of freedom.

As many people here in Brazil, I read about soldiers fulfilling their orders just because they are afraid of loosing their very low salaries. I also read about Colonel Cláudia Romualdo from the city of Belo Horizonte, who played against her orders and made sure a popular protest of more than eight thousand people went smoothly and pacific. She is facing charges by her superiors.

No one can be so enslaved by money, government or religion to the point of no longer be able of thinking or acting accordingly to its own thoughts and principles. The youngsters on the streets now (and its descendants) are the ones who will find out that economy is not necessarily linked to money or financial institutions, how technology can allow direct democracy (this technology exists and it is cheaper than maintaining houses of representatives) and how a fully inclusive educational system will build in everyone the so needed tolerance and comprehension for all forms of thoughts, orientation and creed.

I am a big fan of Sci-Fi. Positive Sci-Fi specially. I believe the utopia proposed by Gene Rodenbery – the inventor of the cell phone, the video conferencing and teletransportation. My generation made possible the first two! Just imagine the responsibility of all this youngsters I am praising here! I also believe real changes start with a big No, just like the one Caesar, in the Planet of the Apes, cried.

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